June 1, 2012 ~ May 31, 2013

This report covers the following employment unit:


Call Sign                                Facility ID                              Type of Station                    City, State

KSED-FM                           55402                          Commercial                        Sedona, AZ

KWMX-FM                          30433                                     Commercial                        Williams, AZ

KBTK-FM                             14938                                     Commercial                        Kachina Village, AZ

KFLX-FM                              171022                                Commercial                    Chino Valley, AZ




Stan Pierce

Station Manager



A. The following is a list of all vacancies for full-time job openings during the previous 12 months June 2012-May 2013
Job Title Date of Opening Date Filled
1 Announcer Jun-12 Jul-12
2 Announcer Jun-12 Jul-12
3 VP of Sales Jun-12 Sep-12
4 Receptionist Jun-12 Sep-12
5 Account Executive Flagstaff Sep-12 Oct-12
6 Account Executive Prescott Nov-12 Dec-12
7 Account Executive Flagstaff Nov-12 Dec-12
8 Account Executive Prescott Nov-12 Jan-13
9 Announcer Feb-13 Feb-13


B. During the previous 12 months the following recruitment sources were contacted as full time vacancies opened. For those sources not contacted for all openings, the job opening number from Section A is listed. Those marked with an asterisk (*) are organizations that requested to be contacted as the job openings occured.
Recruitment Source Address/Telephone Number Contact Person Job Openings /All
Station Websites 2409 N Fourth St #101, 928-779-1177 Melissa Byrne All
On-Air Announcements 2409 N Fourth St #101, 928-779-1177 Stan Pierce All
Arizona Daily Sun 1751 South Thompson Street, 526-2276 Heidi Hansen All
Arizona Broadcasters Assoc. 426 N. 44th Street, # 310, Phoenix 602-252-4833 Art Brooks All
Northern Arizona University Electronic Media Department 928-523-6924 Dale Hoskins All
DES Job Service Flagstaff, AZ 928-774-4943 Open fax All
Yavapai Apache HR Camp Verde, AZ (928) 567-1064 Open fax All
Navajo Human Resources Window Rock, AZ 928-871-6976 Open fax All
Havasupai Tribal Office Supai, AZ 928-448-2881 Open fax All
All Access "28955 Pacific Coast Hghwy, #210
Malibu, CA 310-457-8058" Joe Denver 1,2,9
Flagstaff Chamber of Commerce Flagstaff, AZ 928-774-4505 April Gavin 5,7
Prescott Chamber of Commerce Prescott, AZ 928-445-4000 Dave Maurer 6,8 website only open posts All
Better Presott Michelle ALL


C. The following is a list of recruitment sources for the full time jobs show in in Section A which provided the hiree for each position
Job Title Recruitment Source
Announcer 1
VP of Sales
Receptionist 13
Account Executive Flagstaff 13
Account Executive Prescott 13
Account Executive Flagstaff 13
Account Executive Prescott 13
Announcer 10


D. During the previous 12 months there was a total of 23 people interviewed for the vacancies for the full time positons. The following is a list of the total number of interviewees referred by each recruitment source shown in Section B.
Recruitment Source Total Number of Interviewees
Station Websites 2
On-Air Announcements 4
Arizona Daily Sun 0
Arizona Broadcasters Assoc. 1
Northern Arizona University 1
DES Job Service 0
Yavapai Apache HR 0
Navajo Human Resources 0
Havasupai Tribal Office 0
All Access 6
Flagstaff Chamber of Commerce 0
Prescott Chamber of Commerce 0 2
Better Prescott 1
Employee Referral 6


E. During the previous 12 months the station employment unit engaged in the following (menu option) initiatives: Prong 3 Menu Option
Menu Number Details
2 Station Manager discussed radio during career day at Singaua Middle School, Flagstaff & Coconino High School. The discussion was based on what types of employment is available in the broadcast industry.
5 Station continued an internship program with Northern Arizona University utilizing a iterns during the period covered.
9 Station created mentoring program for Program Director and Sales Manager to assist them in acquiring skills for future opportunites. This mentoring included FCC rules, HR guidelines, basic programming and business practices.
16 Station Manager was a guest lecturer on three occasions for Northern Arizona University Electronic Media students on entry level careers in the broadcast industry. Topics discussed: Sales, Programming, Promotion, General Administration.
12 & 6 All job opening were listed with the Arizona Broadcasters Association
7 Station Manager worked with the Arizona Broadcasters Association to review broadcast Scholarship applications from Northern Arizona University broadcasting students. 3 Scholarships were awarded.


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